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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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there is a motion and a second to approve with conditions. commissioner antonini. commissioner hillis. commissioner johnson. commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong and commissioner president wu. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 7 to zero. commissioners that will place us on item 10. at 2350 thank you, your honor restrict boulevard request for a conditional use authorization >> omar planning department. the request that i american people mobility to allow is making restraining order wireless communication facility on turk boulevard. the project site is located along the north side of turk boulevard while the site is
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zoned residential it is considered a preference one site by the wireless guidelines it's a publicly used structure by the san francisco department of education it will have 9 panel antennas located in 3 different locations on the roof or sectors with 3 antennas per sector and the cabinets will be placed on the roof set back from the facade so finally, visible for the adjacent neighbor to the north. the site features an existing making facility for sprint curling working with sprint to relowest the antenna into roof mounted location for preservation guidelines. the care, he held multiple
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community meetings on the sf f campuses that's been withdrawn including the faculty of the university as well as community members and students. the noticing was held in residence and raised concerns about the health concerns and staff has determined the project compiles with the issues relating to the antennas it complies with the planning code and they recommend you approve the project >> thank you project sponsor. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is a teddy i'm director of xoerl affairs for at&t california they're the professional license engineers
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that conducted the radio frequency analysis and their third party analysis is part of your paurth we're wanting to upgrade our wireless network by placing a 9 panel antenna located on the roof of the san francisco school of education this is a preference one location under the guidelines we've conducted a completely and thorough alternative site analysis with 67 different property were were considered we need this to close in the gap in the area and ask for your support. i want to thank omar for bearing with us 24 site with his help we've gotten to this point today so thank you very much >> thank you any public comment
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on that item? okay seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner antonini. >> well, i think it's a good installation it's a preference one site and up it meets the need as demonstrated here. the only thing i've mention it doesn't matter but it's identified as stockton street i know this the old presentation high school i'll move to approve >> commissioner sugaya. >> no, that's all right. my commissioners a motion and a second to approve. commissioner antonini. commissioner hillis. commissioner johnson. commissioner moore and commissioner sugaya and commissioner fong and commissioner president wu. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 7 to zero.
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commissioners that will place us on item 11. at 115 telegraph hill not going as philip street request for a conditional use authorization and good afternoon commissioner president wu and commissioners and special welcome to commissioner johnson before i get started i am he i want to pass out the conditional use authorization survey it was slight trans pod and this corrects the site it requests the conditional use authorization to allow the construction of a 3 unit building with off-street parking on telegraph hill within the north beach special use district. we have approximately seven
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hundred square foot lot has one building at the rear the lot it's preempting vacant. within the rh 3 one may have up to 3 lot area for the subject property up to 7 unit are permissible on the property within the telegraph hill use district parking is limited that is permitted by right in the rh 3 district 3 parking spaces is required. the department has received into comments in on-ramp and opposition as of this morning 43 people have approved f this and
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40 neighbors have opposition. many made reference to a concern i'd like to provide the department with the key opposition. won several letters stated this will eliminate affordable housing on the site this is not accurate it currently contains one unit consisting of one building and no existing housing or planned housing would be eliminated it's work out notd as mentioned in the staff report there was previously 5 unsound structures on this site approximately 17 years ago. two several letters said it will have an adverse effect and the department looked at this at coit tower and it will not have
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a spitting impact. the views from downtown seen from the sidewalk are to the protected public views under the plan and 3 several letters say 24 is is a survivalist issue the proposed garage will access to one entrance nevertheless, the sponsor say that's okay to latter the pedestrians leaving the garage with a mirror to help the existing drivers and at letters say the letters have out of scale. the building has been articulated into 3 single-family homes in addition the eastern portion of the structure that is
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the tall it is lower in height than the adjacent neighbor the set back are recreation and parks department the typography of the site the design is high quality and comparable with the mixed area. 5 several people talked about construction they're not typically planning issues the sponsor has agreed to management conditions all challenging sites they will determine the best management approach to the project. lastly it is bring to your attention that the cottage was authorized to expand never received a final inspectors the work is not technically legal they will seek a new variance
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the project sponsor has decided to remove the condition authorized so the project can move forward without further delay in order to memorize this we suggest to have this the exterior cottage shall not extend the variance case 93 plus the modifications the existing cottage shall be commented during the occupancy for the preliminary 3 you're not building with that said, the department has found the project to be necessary and desirable and comparable with the surrounding neighborhood and it will create 3 new sfachlts and the 3 new unions are an appropriate density approximately 83 sprays and it
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- and access through a minimal driveway the anticipated vehicular trips has no reasonable possibility of impacting the pedestrians or transit services or traffic in the district based on those findings the department recommended you approve it that concludes my presentation. and i'm available for questions >> thank you project sponsor. >> good afternoon commissioner president wu and director ram and members of the commission aim jim with juliette and rose we've been representing the project sponsor and helping him. i said to the provide a little bit the background before turning it over to lewis for
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decades this lot contained 9 residential units in 1995 your predecessor committee approved those as liz described the unit were demolished and the build in opposition perhaps scared he away developers nothing has happened in the last 17 years. on the positive side we have positive support from folks on telegraph hill. i'll show you a map you'll see a 5 hundred foot radius the green we figured we should try - okay. is it better 53 we will keep it to approximate of the zone the red is letters ever expressions of opposition yes, a
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there maybe other opposition and people will creek critique this map but the constructive part in the first time of doing construction in telegraph hill we have support we felt there was a silent majority and we finally have it. in the last twenty-four hours couple of other things i want to deal with there was decision about evictions and one section everything of - everyone else left i want to read you won i feel this is a privilege this is from bill i feel it's a privilege to write somebody
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about the landowner they found no increases in rent nothing of anything of the kind that makes me feel insecure they asked me for a moment tracey said mr. bailey please know when the construction is over with you'll be the first to walk through the doors and say i've come home she going on to say how she showed up for the turkey dinner after one year i have a number of those letters i'm not going to hand them out. the last piece is within the last twenty-four hours i've heard there was a 2 and a half million dollars offer to tracey and her partners who own the property in the owner there's ban a sign on the property it's
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been for sale i don't want so is the property is for sale i'm concerned that someone will say something offered to buy it is not going to be sold in the opposition it's a red herring. lewis >> good morning members of the planning commission i'm from butter letter architects i want to present the project starting with an image was what was there before. so that's a shot of the earn side of the site before the demolition curd you can see two of the 5 structures one remains in the south east corner also there's a curve cut it was
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removed during some work after the demolition but the curb excited at the site this is a site plan of the site. to see the proposed 3 units we refer to unit one at the lower left and 3 on the right then the the upper left in the dog lay of the site is the existing cottage that will be restored as noted earlier in the presentation. this is the telegraph hill boulevard level floor plan of the 3 in front unit i show this first is the curb cut is at the lower not quite all the way left going into the garage the garage
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door is set back from the doorway and the single car pulls into the elevator it's not in the staff planning report this is an effort not to have the car sites that descends into the lower car space that allows the cars to enter and exist the space forwards and not background it's a better way to address this one is going forward can be aware of the pedestrians and other traffic. one more thing i want to note on this plan sorry about that that in the process of design this design process has been going on for two years with quite a bit
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of input. you'll notice not only the door is set back and the door on unit it is set back we've continued to set back the doors and landscape the areas in front of the of them to be more capable with the existing steps. this is the plan one level below the telegraph hill boulevard level. or showing specifically the entrance to unit 3 is set back with the that planning and existing from the natural steps i'll talk about that later. the next plan i'll show you is the lowest plan i know that looks like something that the graft open the left-hand side but enters from the elevator the car it's a renovating space would depend on who is is the
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cargo into the separate dwrargz and be able to turn all the way around into the elevator to exit and you'll see in the right-hand side the lowest unit unit 3 doesn't have a garage in the bottom. i'm not going to you have many other plans in our pact i'm not going to talk about the upper for the interest of time but go to the front elevation this is the northern part of the proposed project you'll note the garage door our the left there's a 3 foot space on the unit 3 and the other space we're stepping those down the hill to the right to the west. is reconciling what is a fairly established wall of stucco
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building to see the west you see at the left of the screen we're starting to break that wall as we go east and attempting to space the buildings so they look like freestanding buildings and i'm talking about breaking up the sidewalk earlier and a green roof to really blend the buildings with the landscape at the top of the hill. this is the rear elevation that is designed around the interest of view the parking level is fairly invisible actually at the bottom of the package this was a subsequential wall at the lowest part of the building we used a ramp and improved that situation allowed the living spaces to enjoy the gardens.
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in the a per accepting from telegraph hill boulevard i'll use this last image and the two on the he is always and the material board is on the material board you'll see the light stucco and natural wood and metals and dark window frames or in the glassed the reason for the light and dark combination we want it it to pick up the stucco and we want the dark in fill of the materials to pick up on the dark landscaping bop on the park and walk a way >> thank you open for public comment as i call your name, please line up on the screen side of the room so we don't block the room
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(calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners i had a couple of points of order can i not have that cut into my time. >> you have 3 minutes. >> those are points of order that takes less than 3 point of order we wanted to ask for a continuance of this matter based on the materials in our packet their inconsistent and procedural deficiencycy the first inconsistent between the conditional use authorization that describes 3 off-street parking but, however, it is before you. >> i apologize those items
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should be part of public comment i thought you meant procedural to this hearing you should include them in your 3 minutes. >> am i starting that's number one and two the renovation of the cottage are not part of the materials that should call for a continuance and the last new condition we talked about with the cottage that's not been expanded lawfully the project sponsor said they will return it to its original and those are 3 items since we're tennessee with the hearing i'll continue. the property we're talking about at issue is the late undeveloped lot on telegraph hill. it holds special significant for many, many members marry my name is betty i'm the president of the telegraph hill people we've
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come up with an acceptable option rather than blocking the public views unfortunately, we are in the not able to reach an accord we're going to ask the commission to ask jim running ruben one of the best attorneys in the city to come back to the table we're willing to orchestra think the scaling, however, we evaporate had a chance to do that i think there was 5 units and 11 people never interrupted that very we willing to have development as long as it is not blocking the view you'll see from the speakers the actual garlics that shows the problems. a key point this is located at a
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turn at it 23 foot road just imagine that when our thinking about the traffic and parking in this project. we're asking for a continuances not being grand for the dispensaries team to come back and talk about this we have people that are interested in this project that's the wrap for today >> thank you. next speaker. >> i have some handouts here perhaps. commissioner president wu and commissioners, i want to say good afternoon to you and thank you very much for lept eliciting me speak i'm sampling my wife and i live on telegraph hill for 16 years i was a planning commissioner in merry ran community i gathered insight of
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the complexity of your role to balance the properties right and today, our here in part to consider whether you agree with your staff this property is exempt from environmental review we all know this sites is an sensitive one on a narrowly point to coit tower but they've proposed a few things there are quote from staff the first quote. the vacancy of the property is a detriment to the neighborhood unquote then quote the vacant lot is visual inconsistent with the surrounding private property and quotas an area that attracts a large nothing number of
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visitors the site is american people improvement to the neighborhood unquote so before you make a decision i wanted to show you a few pictures i apologize for the age it is your quality of them. this is the view in telegraph hill boulevard looking at up telegraph hill boulevard the approach to coit tower a pioneer park it's a beautiful vandal .1972 what that looks like with the that building are this is the view towards pioneer park you see did memorial steps
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they're beginning on the right behind the stop sign you see off from the left of the upper portion of the steps. this is what it would look like with the building. this is the view of pioneer park and the view across the street at pioneer park this is what it looks like with the building there. so this is the site where thousands of visitors and residents drive cars and take buses >> thank you yourself time is up. >> the they recalled question is this sensitive site exempt from environmental review i'll hope you agree it needs for
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review. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello commissioners. i'm judy eiring i'm a documentary filmmaker i live on the east side of telegraph hill i walk over the filbert steps to the west side of telegraph hill on stockton street for the past 13 years i've been walking past this very construction project proposed construction project i'm here to tell you this it top of filbert steps on the west side is a huge staging area for tourists and local alike but mostly for tourist they're struggling up the steps on their way to coit tower they're out of breath and distracted they're looking around and trying to get
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their bystanders and half the time i'm telling them what to find the parrots they're not looking traffic this staging area is the exact piece of sidewalks this project would cut across with the driveway. now it didn't take a rocket scientists to understand this is not safe. this is the city asking for liability. i would ask that you relook at the spot due a pedestrian survey do an environmental review report it's an environmental review on thousands and thousands even if people that use the filbert steps every year. i don't understand why the